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December 10th

Hello All! This week we are going to have youth at Sarah and Trevors House (4 Tanglewood Terrace). We will be having our youth Christmas party!!! So wear your best ugly Christmas sweater if you have one, and bring a gag gift worth $5.
This will be our last youth night until after Christmas, we will resume youth on January 7th, so make sure to check the blog to find out what we will be doing!

December 3rd, 2010

Hey everyone! This Friday we will be having a service, see you all at 7!
The youth band will have a practice at 530 before youth starts.

November 19th

This Friday we will be doing a RAK at the church from 7-10pm! We are going to be tying Polly Lollies for the parade while watching Elf. We will provide snacks! Also, there will be a youth band practice on Friday at 530pm.
Hope to see you all there!

November 12th

Hello Everyone! This Friday we are going to be having a game night. We'll be at the church, 7pm-10pm and tuck shop will be open!

November 5th-7th

This Friday 7pm to Sunday 1230pm is our lockin retreat weekend!!!!

The Cost is $25, but you must let Sarah know you are coming by Thursday morning, or it will cost $30 Friday night when you show up. This is because the Article One tickets are $5 more at the door.

Please bring sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, shower supplies, towel, clothes, snacks, and money if you'd like to buy anything from tuck shop.

If you bring electronics they will be confiscated until the end of the weekend.

Sarah Nelson will be the contact person for the weekend

October 29th

Hey Everyone! This Friday is the city wide youth rally at New City Church, at 190 Lynden Rd (Formerly Flim Flam Gifts). Please meet there at 7pm, and be picked up at 10 at the Tim Hortons on the corner of Lynden and Dalkeith. Bring money if you'd like a snack from Tim's afterward.

November 5th, 7pm till November 7th after church (1230 or 1pm) at Freedom House.
The cost is $25, which includes your meals for the weekend, your ticket to see article one, and a ton of FUN!
Please bring a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, showering supplies, towel, clothes, snacks, and money if you'd like to buy anything from tuck - it will be open all weekend.

DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONICS!! If you do, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the weekend.

Sarah Nelson will be the contact person for the weekend:

Please have money to Sarah by this Friday, as we need to buy tickets ASAP for article one!

October 22nd, 2010

This week we are helping out with Scare in the Square. If you can, please meet Nicki Straza at Harmony Square at 430pm. If you are unable to come that early, still come! We will be around all evening. Pick up will be at 10pm, at the church. Remember to wear warm clothing because we'll be outside most of the evening. Please email to let us know what time you can be there!

October 15th

This Friday we will be heading out to do a Random Act of Kindness! Meet at Freedom House at 7, and we'll be done at 10 and back at Freedom House.
Remember to wear warm clothes because we'll be outside most of the night!

Also, the youth band will be practicing before youth starts, so those of you in the band, meet at the church at 530pm.

October 8th, 2010

This Friday we will be meeting at the Nelson's house (4 Tanglewood Terrace) at 430pm, for those of you who bought tickets in advance, then heading to Toronto for the David Crowder concert. If you did not buy tickets in advance, we will see you next week!

Please bring money for dinner, we will be stopping at Wendy's on the way.

We will deliver you to your homes after the concert!

See ya then!

October 1st

Hello Everyone! This Friday is going to be fantastic! We will be kicking off a boys vs girls challenge that will continue on into December. So bring your game faces, and get ready to kick some butt. We will also be having a guest speaker, the one and only, Mr Jamie Prokop!

Don't forget to bring money if you want something from tuck!

See you all at the church, 7-10pm this week.

City Wide Youth

This Friday we are meeting at Evangel Church at 7pm for a city wide youth event. Afterward we will be heading over to the McDonalds on King George Rd to hang out and snack, so bring money if you want something.

Youth need to be dropped off at Evangel at 7pm, and picked up at McDonalds at 1030pm!

Also, remember to bring your $36 for the David Crowder concert, the last day for getting money to Sarah Nelson is this Friday, Sept 24th!

Fuel Kick Off

This Friday we will be heading to Cambridge to attend the Fuel Kick Off at Calvary. We're meeting at the Nelson/Haley corner
(View Larger Map) at 6pm. We'll bring you home around 11-1130pm. Remember to bring some money if you want a snack from their tuck shop!

Also, remember we are planning on going to a David Crowder concert on October 8th in Toronto. If you are coming, you need to get $36 to Sarah Nelson by September 24th!

The Amazing Race

Youth begins on Friday! And it's time to go on the first ever FH Youth AMAZING RACE.

Please note that we're meeting at the church at 6:30 Friday to get in our teams so that we can be racing at 7pm sharp!

So bring a friend and let's get ready to race!

A new year of Distinct BEGINS!

Email or call Sarah Nelson for details

Youth Night on the Streets this Friday!

I wanted to invite you guys from "Distinct" out this Friday Night on the streets for Flippin' Friday! It's a unique downtown experience where we serve food, meet "colorful" people and get to share the love of Jesus in a practical way.

So here's the plan. Let's meet at Freedom Gate Apartments (the old Freedom House building... NOT the mall) at 8:45 in the common meeting area. That's through the fence on the non-parking side of the building. We'll meet as a youth ministry for 15 minutes or so and I'll go over what's going to happen that night and then we'll head upstairs to the apartment of our missionaries Steve Frank and Keith Cripps. We spend the next hour praying and hearing God for what he wants for the night.

Then at 10pm... we hit the streets. Our youth leaders will be there to make sure it's a safe environment... but I will warn you... crazy things CAN happen. It would be great if you plan to be there until midnigh…

Pool Party!

It's going to be a great summer so let's kick it off with a POOL PARTY night.

So this Friday Night... we'll be going to Hannah and Aleya's house at 7pm (17 Knightswood GMap linked here).


Games you might like to play

We'll bring drinks and hot dogs!

Please make arrangements to be picked up at 10pm.

Next week... on July 1st... make plans to volunteer and be part of the Kindness Crew that day in Lyons Parks! Then on the 3rd... we're off to Wonderjam!

City Outreach

This Friday Night, we're hitting the streets! Please meet at the Stepping Stones Resource Center (50 Pontiac Street in Eagle Place... a map is embedded in the youth blog)

View Larger Map

Get dropped off there and be ready to go at 7pm SHARP! We'll be putting on our Kindness Crew T's... and we'll take a little bit to get step up. Then we'll be running the Minute to Win it games that Kurtis chatted about last week. We'll also be doing our "tubes" routine. We'll ALSO be giving away popcorn!

There will be an outdoor movie after so plan on getting picked up at the normal 10pm at the Stepping Stones Center! Come with a good attitude as we're not just doing KINDNESS... and not just representing Freedom House... but we're as God's ambassadors and how people see us act... will reflect on HIM!

Gonna be a great night!

Youth-led Worship and becoming the Kindness Crew again!

Tomorrow night should be a fun night! First of all... it's going to be the first-ever FULLY YOUTH LED worship service in the history of Freedom House!

I'm looking forward to that!

Dave will be speaking after that and then we're going to prepare to become THE KINDNESS CREW again! The next Friday we'll be headed out to do a community outreach in Eagle Place so Kurtis will be joining us as we prepare what we're going to be doing the next week including reviving the tubes!

See you Friday night at 7!

Swimming, RAK's and more!

Hey don't forget that you need to get Sarah your money for July 3rd's Wonderjam TODAY!!! Let her know what you're doing ASAP!

This weeks it's swimming and bonfire night at the Kemp's house in 39 Andrew Street in St. George. (Google Map attached here). We'll bring stuff for Smores... but we'll have our normal tuck-shop stuff available for you to buy pop/chocolate. Bring your swimming suit and a towel. You can get dropped off at 7 and picked up there at 10pm.

Next week at the worship service... Dave is going to be talking about what's coming up this summer as far as how (and why) our youth group are going to be involved in the community. THEN we're going to plan the next week's RAK which is...

... we are running the pre drive-in-movie entertainment June 18th at The Stepping Stones Resource Center run by Brantford's CAS in Eagle Place! Captain Kindness will be there and YOU as the Kindness Crew. It's one of the city's low-rental ho…

Youth Service with Krissy this week!

My lovely, wise, insightful, powerhouse, funny, and pretty wife Krissy Carrol is going to be preaching this week at Distinct. It's going to be a great night so make sure you're at Freedom House 7pm Sharp!!

Also a reminder and small change regarding Wonder Jam on July 3rd. You need to have your money to Sarah by this Wednesday. And the cost is 45$ ... not 40$.

It's gonna be a fun summer!!!

Manafest Concert

This Friday it's the Manafest Concert Outreach. Check him out...

Meet with our group in Harmony Square at 7pm. Bring friends as it's going to be awesome AND FREE!

Kids Kids Kids Kids Kids Kids

Throughout the summer and into the fall... Freedom House on the whole is going to be learning about how to use kindness/service for 2 purposes.

Inside the churchOutside the church
We've used our RAK nights for primarily OUTSIDE reasons up to this point. But this Friday, our RAK Night is designed to care about people INSIDE the church.

This is the Freedom Encounter Weekend for many in the church including some of your parents and others with kids. So please be at the church by 6:45 and you guys are going to be watching the Freedom House kids from 7-10pm Friday Night in the LAFF Academy room.

Why? Really?
Yup... because it's kind. It's the right thing to do for people who have invested into you :)

So come with ideas about what to do... things to teach... games to play... videos to watch... or dream something new up!

See you Friday!

Youth Service this week

This Friday... Matt Haley is going to be speaking about what's on his heart. Make sure you're there by 7.

Next week... we'll be joining up with the other youth groups in the city over in Harmony Square for a "Manafest" Concert.

It's gonna be great!


This week, we're going to a place called Airborne Trampoline in Mississauga. Meet at Matt and Nicki Haley's House at 7pm.


- 10$
- Gym type stuff (as we'll be jumping)
- We'll be stopping at Wendys (or something like that) so any money you might want for that

If you're quite opposed to jumping, there is a place to just watch... but come, play and participate. It will be fun. There is actually going to be a pro-coach there too so we should be able to do some cool stuff.

We'll be there from 9-10 and we'll return to the Haley's House at 11pm so parents can pick your kids at 11pm there. Should be a fun night!

Youth Service

This week at youth Rev Trev will be preaching and we'll be digging in to worship at our service! Come ready to worship and hear what God wants to speak to us this week!

We've got a cool idea for next week's fun week... and we'll chat about it at 7pm. Cya Friday Night at 7pm.

RAK Night

It's time for another RAK Attack Night! We're going to be meeting at the church at 7pm and hitting the streets to do a number of outdoor Random Acts of Kindness... so come prepared to go outside.

Also... bring 2$ with you to give to Sarah or Trevor because we're also going to be RAK'ing Freedom Housers Marty and Sara Chiarot. They are moving to Brantford tomorrow so we're going to be helping them move in and also going to get them a gift to say welcome to town! What a cool thing to do! Very Kind indeed.

Cya Friday Night at 7pm!

1 week after Freshwind

Well... it's almost been a week since we were at Freshwind. It's time to get together and talk about it all. What happened? Where do we go from here? Hey... maybe we'll even do a little in home fire tunnel action.

So Friday Night... we're meeting at Dave's house (71 Strathcona Ave) 7-10pm. We'll bring some games... video and otherwise and pop. You bring:

1 bag of chips or a snacks
Your Bible

Should be a fun night (and God night) as we process QUITE an amazing week in the life of our youth group!

Freshwind Final info

OK here we go. The final details. We will be meeting at The Nelson's House (4 Tanglewood linked here) at 5:30 sharp Thursday. Please eat before you come.

*** Note... whether you've been sponsored or if you paid the full amount to Sarah you are still responsible to bring your own money for food for the weekend. 40$ is the recommended***

On the email I'll attach the FW schedule for the weekend.

To bring or not to bring:

- Bring a blanket/sleeping bag with you both for sleeping at the Haley/Nelson's AND there are no chairs in the main sessions at Freshwind. You lay a blanket on the floor during the sessions. So that's pretty cool.

- Bring pillows and sleeping/shower stuff... enough for 2 overnights.

- DO NOT bring your ipods or laptops or cell phone

- DO bring your Bible and Notebooks

-Swimming stuff in case there is time

Parents can pick your kids up at Midnight at The Nelson's (4 Tanglewood). If it's a different time, please get in touch with Sarah Nel…

Youth Service Tonight

Tonight at youth... we're having our last youth service before heading to Freshwind next Thursday. I'll give you all a rundown about what to expect on the weekend! PLEASE make sure you get you money to Sarah tonight(Sunday is the deadline) and let her know ASAP if you're coming or not for the weekend.

Tonight, Steve Straza, who is a part of the Freedom House Leadership Team is going to be preaching and I hear that we're bringing back "Hot, Hotter, and Hottest"! Gonna be a great night... see you at 7pm.

March Break Party this Friday

Hi guys... we have a number of our youth who are gone for March Break... so this Friday, we're gonna make it a March Break Party.

The plan is that we'll hook a Wii up to the big screen and we'll play games including Wii's "Just Dance". We'll even have a dance-off for tuck-bucks. We'll also pick up some pizzas for the night!

See you Friday Night at 7pm

Freshwind Youth Conference Information

Here we go... it's time for Freshwind April 1st-3rd (check out the main website here)

It's going to cost 140$ for the weekend. Here's how it's going to break down.

70$ for registration
30$ for 1 night in a Hotel
40$ (cash on hand) for meals at an average of 8 dollars a meal

So the 100 dollars (either cash or checque made out to "Freedom House") need to be given to Sarah Nelson (Cell-519 209-2537 or email ASAP. You'll bring the 40$ with you when you come. Please make every effort possible to be a part of (and pay for) this weekend. It will be an amazing one.

***Please note that if you want to go but the 140$ is just too much... please talk to me (Dave) we are hoping to have some youth sponsored to go so there are options***

Here is the tentative itinerary (subject to change)

Thursday April 1st- Meet 5:30pm at Nelson/Haley Corner to dump sleep stuff (Eat before you come and bring your own snacks for overnight)- Service at TACF- Drive…

Youth Bigger or Better night

It's the 3rd annual Youth Bigger or Better night! Last time we did this... Krissy wound up face down on a mattress! Remember?

It was awesome then and it's going to be awesome tonight! So you'll be getting something very small (like a penny or a thimble or my left ear) and your van load will be dispatched into the city to trade that object for something BIGGER or BETTER. All you have to do is get that object back into the City Center by the set time... and the BIGGEST or BEST is going to win!

See you 7pm tonight!

I'll also have all the information you'll need to take home to your parents about the Freshwind Youth Conference April 1st-3rd. It will be very important to get that money to Sarah ASAP so we can get registered!

Youth Service this Friday

Hi guys... as we get ready for the Freshwind Conference coming up over the Easter Weekend, we're going to be entering a season where I believe God is calling our youth group to worship and really dig in to get closer to him... for real... for ourselves... FOR REAL.

This Friday we're going to be talking about...

"You were good but now you're bad but you're really good"

Including an appearance from her:

Looking forward to what God wants to do in us... PLEASE BRING YOUR BIBLES as you're going to need them! 7pm at the Freedom House City Center. Oh by the way... check this out... I think WE could do this!


Family and Friends of Freedom House... may I have your attention please.

Tomorrow night Friday Night February 26th... "Distinct: Freedom House Youth" are thrilled to invite you to a FORMAL MURDERMYSTERY BANQUET!

Guests, dressed in formal attire, shall arrive at the Freedom House City Centre at 7pm and will be seated by... and treated to a wonderful spaghetti dinner courtesy of the teenagers of Freedom House. Throughout the evening, the youth will entertaining guests during the meal by performing a theatrical interactive murdermystery show. At the end of the night... your table will be given the chance to solve the murder!

Tickets are 10$ each and the proceeds will help offset the cost for our upcoming youth conference in Toronto. It's called the "Freshwind" Youth Conference April 1st-3rd in Toronto. We're going to be staying in Toronto for 2 nights and will be worshiping with HUNDREDS of other hungry youth from across Ontario. There are a number of speakers…

Sex, Love and Relationships (THE GOOD)

Last week was a real... ummm... eye opener I hope! This week, we're continuing to talk about love, SEX, and relationships. And if you missed last week, yes we're actually talking very openly about sex. Get your questions ready because you'll have the chance to ask anonymous questions again.

This week we're talking about the good parts. We're talking about what we can do right now with our sexual thoughts, which are right and which are wrong, and how we can make sure we are preparing now for the one that God has prepared for us in the future.

We'll also practice our murder mystery play further so come prepared to participate. The following week is our formal fundraiser banquet so tell your parents asap and get them to commit to coming for a 10$ dinner and show on the 26th to help raise money for our youth conference coming up over the Easter Weekend. Let Trevor or Sarah know ASAP who you have coming!

It's LOVE month

I don't know if you've noticed... but love is everywhere in February. And at Distinct... it's no different. The next 3 weeks, we're going to explore MANY aspects of love.

This Friday: THE BAD

We're going to be breaking into small groups with those who are our same gender and age group... and we're going to talk about the pitfalls of love, sex and relationship as a teenager and how to resist temptation and deal with our "feelings" God's way.

This is going to be a VERY open... VERY honest... and VERY important and impacting night where we plan on being very real so come prepared for a VERY memorable night at youth!

Next Friday: THE GOOD

We'll go back into our small groups and with a similar tone and frankness... we're going to discus the Good part of love, sex and relationships. What we should be looking for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/future spouse... how God sees our physical selves in a GOOD way and more.

THEN... we're going to start prep…

RAK Attack Night

This Friday at youth... we're RAK Attacking Brantford! Here's the plan. We'll meet at the church at 7pm sharp. From there, we're going to chat a bit about WHY we do Random Acts of Kindness and HOW God can use it.

Then we'll be headed out in team with fists full of MITTENS! In the winter, what's more needed than mittens?? So we'll be going to hills, malls and wherever we can find people out in the cold and saying,

"Hi... I'm ____Your Name here________ from the Freedom House Youth Group. We just wanted to give you some mittens tonight to show you God's love in a practical way"

and then see what God does. Who knows... you may get to be the instigator of change in someones life this Friday.

We'll also be giving out flyer's for Frosty Fest... our Winter Carnival coming up Feb 13-15 in Harmony Square. It's going to be an amazing way to go even further to show God's love in a tangible way.

And WE NEED YOU to make Frosty Fes…

Amazing Race Night


This week...


The Amazing Race starts at 7pm...

Be there

This weeks speaker at Youth

Let me tell you the story of the speaker at youth this week. He came to Freedom House a young, starry-eyed man with a lovely girl on his arm.

He was a very snappy dresser as you can plainly see

Then he stole a TV

But Jesus saved him and as a thank-you to his Lord... he branded himself.

Friday Night, THIS MAN preaches at youth. I hope he realizes that isn't a microphone
... or it could be a long night.

7pm... Be there.

Why Not City Missions this Friday Night

This is going to be a very special Friday Night in the life of "Distinct". We're going to Paris and joining up with the awesome folks at "Why Not City Missions Paris" (check the Facebook group linked here) who run a very active youth drop in center Friday Nights... and help them with their ministry tomorrow night!

Here's their vision:

"We have a dream to reach poor, homeless and at-risk youth in the City with powerful programs that impact their world. We have a dream those great and awesome things that we cannot yet see but know are there, looking at the positive potentials and not the problems... that together we can forge ahead into new horizons and successes and say... We Did It"

That's so great! They have 70-80 teenagers and an excellent staff who simply get to know kids who (like all of us) need a place to be validated and hear the message of Jesus and his love!

So here's how it's going to work. The drop-in center is from 9-11pm. …


Aaaaaaaaaand we're back. It's 2010 and we're ready for a new season of youth! On the blog, the calender is on the right hand side so you can see what's coming up in the next couple of months.

February (for example) is LOVE MONTH. We're gonna talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of love, relationships and even a little bit of the "S" word. Oooooooo... should be fun.

But we're going to kick it all over by tobogganing at Arrowdale golf course! So meet at the church at 7pm... with your snow gear and sleds. We'll be going to the hills from there. See ya tomorrow!