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City Wide Wireless Event @ Freedom House - The Color Live in Concert!!

Good morning Distinct Youth!!! This Friday is going to be an absolutely AWESOME night as we welcome The Color to Freedom House for a Wireless City Wide Rally!! The Color is a great band from Western Canada and they have partnered with World Vision while on their cross country tour.... Please plan to arrive between 7:00 and 7:30 as the concert will begin at 7:30 sharp! We will be hanging out together for the evening and pick up should be right around 9:30 (if your not picked up right at 9:30 thats ok, you can help us clean up!!). This event is being hosted @ Freedom House so lets be sure we are all attending and that we represent the house well - as you always do :) I have included a few links below if you wanna check out some songs and promo videos for The Color See you ALL Friday! ~ Distinct Youth Leaders - Promo Video - Promo Video - Music Video

This week at youth..... Seriously, you should read this....!!

Good evening all.... This week we will be meeting together at the church to watch a MOVIE!! We will be poping some popcorn and hanging together as a group.... If you have suggestions on movies please reply to this email and let us know so we can be sure everyone is interested.... Just as a reminder May the 1st is going to be our next City Wide Rally (Wireless) and the event will be at Freedom House. We want to make sure we have EVERYONE there and in case your wondering what we are doing.... well, the night will be a full on concert, featuring The Color which is an amazing Christian band from out in Western Canada!! The night is going to be AWESOME so make sure you clear those calendars and be there!! See you all Friday night... ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Friday April 10, 2015 Update....

Sorry for the lateness of this email / update... apparently they don't just send out themselves :) This week we will be hanging out at the church chatting about our amazing time away at Freshwind, some cool stories from those of you that were there and some cool teaching that was shared during the event!! Oh yeah... and some FUN games together!! See you all @ 7:00!!

-- ~ Distinct Youth Leaders