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Youth Night on the Streets this Friday!

I wanted to invite you guys from "Distinct" out this Friday Night on the streets for Flippin' Friday! It's a unique downtown experience where we serve food, meet "colorful" people and get to share the love of Jesus in a practical way.

So here's the plan. Let's meet at Freedom Gate Apartments (the old Freedom House building... NOT the mall) at 8:45 in the common meeting area. That's through the fence on the non-parking side of the building. We'll meet as a youth ministry for 15 minutes or so and I'll go over what's going to happen that night and then we'll head upstairs to the apartment of our missionaries Steve Frank and Keith Cripps. We spend the next hour praying and hearing God for what he wants for the night.

Then at 10pm... we hit the streets. Our youth leaders will be there to make sure it's a safe environment... but I will warn you... crazy things CAN happen. It would be great if you plan to be there until midnigh…