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This week at youth - Living Nativity - Bring your friends!!

Hello all you fantastic Youth!!
This week will be a bit different for us as you all must know the Living Nativity is running all weekend!!  We will be meeting at Harmony Square for 6:50 and watching the 7:00 show together.  After the show ends (around 7:45 or 8:00) youth will officially be over, howver you can feel free to hang out in the square and participate in the other festivities that will be running.  Please be sure your parents are aware that the official youth time frame is from 7-8 and not 7-9 as it usually is.  Be sure to dress appropriately as we will have no access to the church as the cast will be hanging out there!
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - Next week will be out last week of Youth for 2015...  We will be having our annual Christmas party (with a slight twist).  We are going to do a "Christmas Sock Exchange" which looks like this...
- Go to the dollar store and buy a pair of funky looking sock (MUST BE NEW) - Fill one of the socks with candy and prizes (spending n…


Good afternoon all you fantastic teenage humans :)
This week we will be meeting at the church for a movie night together... We will be bringing along a few of our all time favorites to choose from so we can all enjoy a seasonal classic!!
The night will run 30 minutes later than normal (7:00 - 9:30) and we would like everyone to bring a snack to share amongst the group (if you can)!  We will provide drinks :)
Should be a fun night together!!
See you Friday 
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth for November 27th...

This week we will be meeting together with the rest of the youth in the city at WIRELESS :)  The event will be held at Maranatha Baptist Church in Paris (address below) and should be a great night of city wide FUN....  The night will begin at 7:30 and run until 9:30.  Parents will need to both drive the youth to and from the event :) Maranatha Baptist ChurchZagat rated 112 Scott Ave, Paris, ON N3L 3K4 (519) 442-6820
Looking forward to seeing you all out on Friday!! Thanks, ~ Distinct Youth Leaders
HEY, HEY, HEY, all you awesome youth!!
This week we will be hanging out at the church together.  The leaders have a GREAT night planned filled with games, discussion and most importantly a ton of FUN!!  The night will be standard times 7-9 so make sure you are there casue you don't wanna miss out!! ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth for Friday the 13th...

Yo Yo (not the toy, but the cool why of saying hi)....
We will be meeting at the church Friday night to hang out, play some games and have a kickin' service together...  The night will be regular time (7-9) and we hope to see you all there!!!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Movie Night...!!

Good evening everyone...  I hope everyone's week is going AWESOME!!
This week we will be having a MOVIE NIGHT at the church so the night will be from 7-930 to allow the movie to finish :-)..  Bring some snacks to share and enjoy a nice relaxing night with the group!!
See you Friday
~ Distinct Youth Leaders
Good morning YOUTH!!
This week we will be having a quick service at the church followed by a bunch of GREAT games together... It's going to be a great night and we look forward to seeing you all there!!
Also don't forget, next week is going to be our "Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner Adventure" so be sure you all clear your calendars and invite your friends!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth - Friday October 2nd

HEY, HEY, HEY!! Friday night is going to be a FUN-TASTIC time to hang out and get to know the group... We are planning a ton of fun games for the evening - some new but also bringing back a few of the favs from last year!! You don't want to miss the GREAT night we have planned.

Regular time 7-9 at the church smile emoticon

See you all there!!
Hey EVERYONE...  We Friday night we will be hanging out wiht the rest of the youth in the city at WIRELESS!!!

The service will be held at New Covenant Church (22 Holiday Drive, Brantford, On) and the event will begin at 7:15 and run until 9:30..  We have a great night of worship and games planned so make sure you don't miss out!!

See you all there :)

- Distinct FH Leaders
We're Back!!!!!!
Distinct Freedom House Youth is back and ready for another GREAT year!!  We will be meeting this Friday at the church from 7-9 where we have a few fun games planned for everyone to play!!

Be sure you dress ready to be outside as at least one of the games will take place towards the square :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone back our for the 2015/2016 year...

<Distinct Freedom House Leaders>


Hello Youth....!!

As you are all likely celebrating school either being done, or coming very close to being done, don't forget we still have youth this week!!

We will be hanging out at the Nelson's house for a campfire / hang out night... Please be sure you dress appropraitely and bring BUG spray if you hate bugs... Like Trevor.... :)

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Distinct Leaders...
Hey Youth.... guess what??? It's AMAZING RACE night at youth on Friday!! Be at the church by 6:35 as we will be looking to start the race at 6:45 to ensrue we get all the challenges complete :) Pick up will be 9:30, not 9:00 as well!! We will be all over the city for the game so please be dressed appropriate and ready to have a GREAT time!

-- ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth this week......

Hey Youthers....

This week we will be doing an outdoor movie / campfire night at the Vos's home!!  Their address is 128 Brier Park Road, Brantford, On and as I said above we will be outside for the evening so come dressed for the weather...

Please have your parents drop you off @ 7:00 and pick up will be @ 10:00
Looking forward to another GREAT night :-)

Friday night update - Friday May 15th....

Hi Everyone... This week we will be meeting together at the church for 7:00 and heading out to Brant Park....!! We will be meeting up with Sarah's family (they have the camp site booked) and hanging out together for the evening. We will bring some mashmallows to roast and drinks for everyone and we will have time to walk around the camp grounds playing games and having a great time!! It does cost $5.00 each to get into the site so if everyone can please bring cash we will collect it all and pay on our way in. We will be staying at Brant Park until 10:15 and will be back to the church for pick up at 10:30. If you can please let us know if your coming and if you are bringing friends that would be great as we need to ensure we have appropriate transportation to and from Brant Park :) Looking forward to a great night together!! ~ Distinct Youth Leaders
Wow... I'm really struggling with this blog thing.... I guess it's better late then never though right?!?!

This week we are going to get together and do a scavenger hunt....  We will be inside and outside so bring appropriate clothing for both (should be easy as its to be 28 degrees tomorrow)....

Should eb a fun night so make sure your there right at 7:00 so we can get out early!!


Distinct Leaders :)

City Wide Wireless Event @ Freedom House - The Color Live in Concert!!

Good morning Distinct Youth!!! This Friday is going to be an absolutely AWESOME night as we welcome The Color to Freedom House for a Wireless City Wide Rally!! The Color is a great band from Western Canada and they have partnered with World Vision while on their cross country tour.... Please plan to arrive between 7:00 and 7:30 as the concert will begin at 7:30 sharp! We will be hanging out together for the evening and pick up should be right around 9:30 (if your not picked up right at 9:30 thats ok, you can help us clean up!!). This event is being hosted @ Freedom House so lets be sure we are all attending and that we represent the house well - as you always do :) I have included a few links below if you wanna check out some songs and promo videos for The Color See you ALL Friday! ~ Distinct Youth Leaders - Promo Video - Promo Video - Music Video

This week at youth..... Seriously, you should read this....!!

Good evening all.... This week we will be meeting together at the church to watch a MOVIE!! We will be poping some popcorn and hanging together as a group.... If you have suggestions on movies please reply to this email and let us know so we can be sure everyone is interested.... Just as a reminder May the 1st is going to be our next City Wide Rally (Wireless) and the event will be at Freedom House. We want to make sure we have EVERYONE there and in case your wondering what we are doing.... well, the night will be a full on concert, featuring The Color which is an amazing Christian band from out in Western Canada!! The night is going to be AWESOME so make sure you clear those calendars and be there!! See you all Friday night... ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Friday April 10, 2015 Update....

Sorry for the lateness of this email / update... apparently they don't just send out themselves :) This week we will be hanging out at the church chatting about our amazing time away at Freshwind, some cool stories from those of you that were there and some cool teaching that was shared during the event!! Oh yeah... and some FUN games together!! See you all @ 7:00!!

-- ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

This week @ Youth....

Hey Everyone....

We will be meeting at the church this week from 7-9 as per usual.... We have some FUN games / activities for the evening and the details can't be released quite yet.... Going to be a great night so we hope to see EVERYONE there!! Can't wait to see you Friday!! ~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth on March 20th, 2015

Hey Hey all you youth....  I know it's March break and I know you are all so super busy... but youth is still a go from Friday night!!


We will be getting together at the Nelson's house (4 Tanglewood Terr.) to hang out and watch a movie.  Everyone should bring snacks to share and the leaders will provide the drinks :)

We will start at 7:00 (as per usual) but pick up will happen at 9:30 to be sure we can get the whole movie in. 

REMEMBER - We need to know by Friday night if you are coming to Freshwind so we can book the hotel rooms and register for the event!!

Distinct Youth Leaders


This week we will be heading to New Covenant Christian Fellowship (address listed below) for a City Wide Youth Rally!! 

It should be a great night where we can get together with the other youth within our city as a unified group growing and building relationships!!

Please have your parents drop you off at the church for 7:15.  We will be heading to McDonald's as a group after the service so pick up with be at the McDonald's on Wayne Gretzky Pkwy at 10:15.

Can't wait to see you all there!!

- Distinct Freedom House Youth Leaders

New Covenant Christian Fellowship Directions
Church Address:22 Holiday Dr, Brantford, ON N3R 7J4, Canada

February 27th

We are having a movie night at FH this Friday, 7-930 :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 13th

Hey everyone! Friday we are going tobogganing! Meet at the church at 7 with all your warm clothes and tobogganing gear and pick up is back at the church at 9! 
See you there! 
Ps. If you haven't joined our Facebook group yet you should! :)

February 6th

Hey!!! Friday we are having a games night at the church. 7-9, bring your favourite game if you have one!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 30th

Hello everyone!
This Friday we have a wireless youth rally at New City Church.  Please meet at New City at 7:15 and pick up will be at Wendy's at 10. Bring money for food at Wendy's!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 23rd

Friday we are going bowling!!!! Meet at the church at 7pm. Bring $10 to bowl and extra money if you would like to purchase a snack.
Pick up will be back at the church at 9pm.
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 16th

Hey Everyone!  Friday we are going to have a quick service followed by some super fun games!! :)
See you at Freedom House. 7-9pm :)
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 9th

Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Friday we are going to be having a games night from 7-9.  We will be meeting UPSTAIRS at Freedom House - across from Williams.  
~ Distinct Youth Leaders