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Youth = FUN

Good afternoon all...
This week we will be meeting at the church as we have some AWESOME new games planned for the group...  I've attached a video of one of the games we will be playing (we won't have all the bells and whistles but it will still be awesome) so you are not going to want to miss it..!!
After the games we will have a quick service as we continue to build on the Freshwind words for our group!!  Everyone that was at youth last week received a card with "What God says about me..." and we will be digging into a few of them and how we know they are TRUE!!
Friday is going to be absolutely awesome and we can't wait to see you all there....
Normal time 7-9. 
~ Distinct Youth Leaders


Hey Hey Hey...

This week we will be spending some time chatting about what God did last weekend at Freshwind within our group... We will be sharing stories, chatting about what's changed as we take hold of the truths that were exposed and live free!!
If you were not at Freshwind DON'T be discouraged!!  You should come and hear about what happened and we will be praying to hold tight to this momentum within the group (which you are included in if you were at Freshwind or not)...
The night will run from 7-9 at the church as usual.
Look forward to seeing you all out!!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Freshwind Update...

Good evening all,

First and foremost, happy week leading up to Freshwind 2017!!  Obviously we will not be having Youth at the church this week as we will be in Toronto.  If you are not coming to Freshwind, you will have the night off (as unfortunate as that is)...
Here are the IMPORTANT notes for Freshwind:
1. Meeting at the Nelson's home (8 Brier Cres.) for 4:15 SHARP on Thursday.  Please be sure you've eaten before arriving as we will not be stopping for food until after service (10:00 or so).
2. Try not to go too crazy with bags as EVERY seat is full in vehicles so luggage space will be at a premium.
3. What to bring
- Money for your meals... We will need to buy 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners (and typically 1 snack meal at McD's after service on Thursday) - Clean cloths for EVERYDAY of the conference.  - Deodorant and more deordorant - Bible, paper and pen(s) - Blankets if you have some to hold spots in the floor - Snacks and drinks for yourself in the hotel
4. What…

This week at Youth...

Hey Everyone!!
The excitement is mounting as we are only 1 week away from FRESHWIND 2017!!!!!  We have registered, the hotel rooms are booked and I hope you are all EXPECTING the best from the long weekend away (link for conference details!!  
Having said that, this week we will be getting together at the church to hang out, play some games and chat a little bit about the fact that God is not just about a weekend... It's going to be a great night and we hope a great lead into our upcoming Freshwind trip!!
Usual time 7-9 and we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders
Please NOTE - there is an attachment on the email for Heath Card information.  If you are coming to Freshwind we MUST have one of these forms completed to ensure all appropriate information is on file before we go away!!