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December 13th

Hey everyone!We are going to go watch the Living Nativity this week!Please meet at the church at 6:45pm – the show starts at 7pm! After the show is done we will go back to the church for hot chocolate and to do the iPod draw!!! Then we will be going skating in the square until 9pm. Bring your warm clothes and your skates! Any one that shows up this week gets their name put in for the iPod draw – Last chance!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

December 6th

Hey everyone!We are having a service this week at Freedom House 7pm-9pm.This is your LAST chance to bring friends to get your name put in extra times for the draw for the iPod because we are drawing it on December 13th!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 29th

Hey Everyone!  This Friday we are RAK-ing the parents of Freedom House! We will be providing free babysitting to allow parents to have a free night out!  It should be a super fun night both for us and the kids as we have some great games planned and awesome crafts for everyone! We will be starting early this week to set up for the babysitting so please arrive at 6pm.  We will be providing babysitting from 6:30-9:00pm.  If you arrive at 6pm then there will be pizza for all the YOUTH VOLUNTEERS to eat before the kids arrive - the kids will be arriving having already eaten dinner so the pizza is only for the youth volunteers. Hope to see you all there,
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 22nd

Hey everyone!  we are having a Wireless Service at FREEDOM HOUSE!!  It will be from 630pm-9pm. It's going to be an awesome night and we want to see all of you out to support our first EVER city wide hosted event! :)
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 12th

Hey Everyone!  Youth is going to be at Freedom House this week from 7pm-9pm. We are going to be having a games night!  Please bring a serving of your favourite food, snack or drink for an activity we are doing.
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 8th

Hey everyone!  We are having a movie night at the Nelson's this Friday from 7-10. Drink's will be provided but bring a snack to share!
See you Friday!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 1st

Hey everyone! We are having youth at Freedom House this week from 7-9pm. Brady will be sharing his experiences in LA and we will have some fun games planned! See you all there.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

October 25th

This Friday we are having a service at Freedom House 7-9pm.  Trevor will be speaking!!!  AND....You get double tickets for bringing friends!!!! :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

October 18th

Hey everyone, this Friday we are going to Brantwood Farms!  The cost for the evening will be $13 ($8 for the hayride and $5 for the haunted barn) plus any extra you want for spending money. We will be meeting at the church (meet inside infront of Williams upstairs) at 7pm and pick up will be at 9pm same place. Hope to see you all there! 

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

October 11th

Hey everyone!  This Friday is going to be AWESOME!!  We are having youth at Jenean's house (203 North Park St).  We will have the wrecking ball bouncy castle set up followed by a camp fire! S'more supplies and drinks will be provided. 7-930pm.  

See you all there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

October 4th

Hello! We are having a movie night at the Nelsons on Friday :) 7-10. Bring snacks to share and the drinks will be provided :)

September 27th

Hey everyone!  This week we are going to wireless at Grand Valley Church (on Powerline Rd) and Trevor is speaking, so you ALLLLL better be there! Bring a sweater for a bonfire after the service. Everything should be done around 10pm. 

Also, remember to bring your friends for your names to be added to the contest!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

September 20th

Hey everyone!!! Hope everyone had a great summer!  We're going to kick off this year with a fun filled games/hangout night with some sundaes! :) be at Freedom House 7-9pm. See you all there! :)

June 28th

This week for youth it is the end of year wireless bash.  730-930 at New City Church.
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

June 14th

Hey everyone!  We're having a service this week at freedom house.  7-9 :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

May 24th

Hey! We are having a car rally on Friday.  Be at the church at 7, pick up at 930.  If you aren't at the church at 7pm, you WILL be left behind.
See ya there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

May 17th

Hey everyone!  We're having a service at Freedom House this week from 7-9pm and the young adults will be joining us!
EDIT - So Dave is our speaker this week and he taking us on a road trip for youth on Friday and we are leaving the church at 7pm....not 7:05...7 be there or you will miss out on Dave's road trip.  See you then.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

May 10th

Hello! This Friday we have wireless youth at Evangel 7pm-9pm.  See everyone there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

May 3rd

Hey everyone!  We're having a movie night at the Nelson's this week.  7-10pm, bring snacks to share :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

April 26th

Hey everyone, this week we are having a service from 7-9 at freedom house.
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

April 19th

Hey everyone!  This week is going to be a super awesome concert with 4 bands at Freedom House with Incentive (featuring some of our very own Distinct Youth members), Paper Beats Scissors, New Found Fiction and Depths. The concert will start at 7pm and should be done around 10 pm. The cost is $10 to get in - unless Sarah has directly spoken to you to ask you to help with something at the event.
Hope to see you there!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

April 12th

Hey guys!!  We're having an inflatable night!  7-9pm at Freedom House :)
See you all there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

April 5th

Hey everyone, we are having a service this Friday at Freedom House from 7pm-9pm.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

FRESHWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Woohoo!!!! It's almost Freshwind!!!!!
Meet at the Nelson's at 330pm on Thursday, we will be leaving by 4 at the latest, with or without you! We will NOT be stopping anywhere on the way. Make sure you have food money, and a smile on your face.  Positive attitudes all weekend and remember to bring your listening ears!  Can't wait to spend the weekend with all you wonderful youths :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 22nd

Hey every one!  Friday we will be doing a shift in the prayer room from 7-9pm!! :) If you are still owing hotel money for Freshwind, it's due on Friday.

See everyone there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 15th

Hey!! Movie night this Friday at the Nelsons! 7-10pm, bring snacks to share :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 8th

Hey guys!! 

This week for youth we have Jeff Steane coming to share his testimony, this is an amazing testimony and you do NOT want to miss it!!! Please arrive as close to 7 as possible as we have 2-3 other groups joining us and we need to get started by 7:15. We encourage you all to invite friends and be prepared to have fun and meet some new people. We should be done around 9 pm.

If you have not handed in your $40 for Freshwind registration this weekend is the last weekend to get it handed in :) For the 8 youth that did an amazing job at the dinner fundraiser, we are excited to tell yout hat we raised enough money to have your hotel covered!!! You guys ROCK!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 22nd

Hello!  This week we are going to have a movie night at the church from 7pm-930pm.
Remember your Freshwind money ($40) is due this Friday! Also you should all be convincing your parents, your parents friends, your aunts and uncles, your grandparents....and who ever else you can think of to buy tickets to the gameshow fundraiser night! The tickets are $15 or a couple for $25 and it is March 1st.
See everyone on Friday!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 15th

Hey Everyone!  With Frosty Fest this weekend, wouldn't it be super awesome if we helped out on Friday to get some stuff set up?  Yea, we thought so too ;) So come with warm clothing in case your task is outside, and meet at the church at 7pm - pick up at 9pm. 
Also, remember your $40 for Freshwind is due before February 25th!
Hope to see all of you there!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Fundraiser date change

Hey everyone, we have decided to change to date of our fundraiser to Friday March 1st for a few reasons, mostly we think we will have more people able to come on this date.  Thanks everyone!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

youth cancelled!!!

Youth has been cancelled due to mass quantities of white fluffy stuff on the should all go outside and build a HUGE snowfort and post pictures on fb :)  Can't wait to see all the forts!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 8th

Hey everyone, youth will be at Freedom House from 7-9pm this week.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 1st

Hey Everyone!  We are having a service and starting to plan our super awesome fundraiser night on Friday. So be at the church from 7pm-9pm.
Also remember that your money for Freshwind is due no later than February 25th!  So if you have it, please bring it in to Sarah :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 25th

Hey everyone!  This week for youth we have wireless city wide youth at grand valley from 7pm-9pm.The address is 379 Golf Road, just off powerline road.
See you there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 18th

Hey! We're going to try this skating plan again and hopefully they don't close the rink on us!  So dress really warm and bring your skates!
Also, the tickets for Freshwind are $40 and we need to pay it by February 25th to get the discounted rate.  You can bring your money to Sarah any time! :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

January 11th

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! We are starting youth up again this Friday with a super awesome night of skating in harmony square!  So bring your skates and all your warm clothes!  We will meet at the church at 7, and pick up will be at 9 back at the church.
See everyone there!!
~Distinct Youth Leaders