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Last Week of Youth before Summer...

Well, the time has not come... We are heading into the last week of youth before we take a small break for the summer holidays!!  This week will be a great night as we will be meeting out at the Reimer's home (see address below) for a campfire hang out night!!

You can feel free to bring your bathing suits as there is a pool there to swim in.  But we will also be playing some great outdoor games, hanging out around the fire and chatting about the exciting NEW Youth Programs we will be running come September...  The night is going to be a great night for all so please make it a point to be there!!
Please bring drinks for yourself as the leaders will be bringing everything food wise you need for a great night around the campfire :)
We will be running from 7-10 this week just so everyone is aware and we will have anyone that will be going into Grade 6, 7 or 8 next year with us as well!!  
See you all on Friday night....

~ Distinct Youth Leaders
517 Mount Pleasant Rd. Brantford, On 

Youth This Week...

Hey all you wonderful humans... Summer is getting closer and closer so I hope you are all getting ready for some great summer fun!!

This week we are planning a full on water balloon fight..!!  We will be meeting at the church and then heading out to an open space outside to have some fun!!  We will be planning some games for everyone to play so please be sure you bring some spare cloths as we all know how crappy it can be sitting around afterwards soaked...
We will be running regular time so 7-9 and both pick up and drop off will happen at the church.
Looking forward to a great night together :)
See you all at 7:00

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth - June 9, 2017


This week we will be heading to hang out a Jake and Kiersten's house for a night of games, snacks and laughs!!  The night will run at regular time (7-9) and their address is listed below...  As we did a few weeks ago, please bring a snack to share if you can so that we can all have a bit of everything!!
If you have a favorite board game feel free to bring it with you as we are always looking for great group games to play when we are all together...
Jake and Kiersten's House 20 McConkey Crescent, Unit 100

Can't wait to see you all on Friday night!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

This week at youth...

hey hey hey everyone...!!
For this week we will be hanging out as a group at J-Rock's house!!  71 Strathcona in Brantford - regular time 7-9.  
Bring snacks to share with the group!!
Should be a great night :)
See you all there....
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Late is better than never right??? Youth update...

Good evening all you wonderful and lovely humans...
Sorry for the delay on the communication but alas here it is... We will be meeting at the church for 7:00 as a group and will be hanging out, playing games and hearing some of what God has put on Jacob's heart!!
We will have a few new games for the night so come ready to participate and have a blast!!  
We will be looking to do "Bigger and Better" next week (as we missed it a few weeks back do to a lack of people being available...
Can't wait to see you all out on Friday night!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth Update - May 19th

Good morning all...

This week we have decided to bring back a CLASSIC.... This Friday will be a battle to see who will come out on top after a fun filled night of "Bigger and Better"...!!  That's right, we will all start with a small, useless item and will try to turn it into the BIGGEST and BEST item by a simple trading process...
We will be giving you approximately 90 minutes to get out and make any and all trades to see who can WIN!!
Looking forward to a great night of fun and excitement!!
See you all at 7:00 as the church...

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Sky Zone

Good evening all...

Friday night, as discussed last week is Sky Zone in Cambridge!!  You will need to bring $30.00 or so (depends on your appetite) as jumping will cost everyone $25.00 (if you still have your socks you can save a few dollars) we will be stopping somewhere for snacks afterwards...!!
We need to know (sorry for the late notice) by the end of the day tomorrow so we can ensure we have appropriate drivers and vehicles at the church.  So please reply to this email so we are aware and prepared :)
These nights are always a blast and great for you to bring a friend as the night is very laid back and full of FUN!!
We can't wait to see everyone on Friday.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth = FUN

Good afternoon all...
This week we will be meeting at the church as we have some AWESOME new games planned for the group...  I've attached a video of one of the games we will be playing (we won't have all the bells and whistles but it will still be awesome) so you are not going to want to miss it..!!
After the games we will have a quick service as we continue to build on the Freshwind words for our group!!  Everyone that was at youth last week received a card with "What God says about me..." and we will be digging into a few of them and how we know they are TRUE!!
Friday is going to be absolutely awesome and we can't wait to see you all there....
Normal time 7-9. 
~ Distinct Youth Leaders


Hey Hey Hey...

This week we will be spending some time chatting about what God did last weekend at Freshwind within our group... We will be sharing stories, chatting about what's changed as we take hold of the truths that were exposed and live free!!
If you were not at Freshwind DON'T be discouraged!!  You should come and hear about what happened and we will be praying to hold tight to this momentum within the group (which you are included in if you were at Freshwind or not)...
The night will run from 7-9 at the church as usual.
Look forward to seeing you all out!!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Freshwind Update...

Good evening all,

First and foremost, happy week leading up to Freshwind 2017!!  Obviously we will not be having Youth at the church this week as we will be in Toronto.  If you are not coming to Freshwind, you will have the night off (as unfortunate as that is)...
Here are the IMPORTANT notes for Freshwind:
1. Meeting at the Nelson's home (8 Brier Cres.) for 4:15 SHARP on Thursday.  Please be sure you've eaten before arriving as we will not be stopping for food until after service (10:00 or so).
2. Try not to go too crazy with bags as EVERY seat is full in vehicles so luggage space will be at a premium.
3. What to bring
- Money for your meals... We will need to buy 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners (and typically 1 snack meal at McD's after service on Thursday) - Clean cloths for EVERYDAY of the conference.  - Deodorant and more deordorant - Bible, paper and pen(s) - Blankets if you have some to hold spots in the floor - Snacks and drinks for yourself in the hotel
4. What…

This week at Youth...

Hey Everyone!!
The excitement is mounting as we are only 1 week away from FRESHWIND 2017!!!!!  We have registered, the hotel rooms are booked and I hope you are all EXPECTING the best from the long weekend away (link for conference details!!  
Having said that, this week we will be getting together at the church to hang out, play some games and chat a little bit about the fact that God is not just about a weekend... It's going to be a great night and we hope a great lead into our upcoming Freshwind trip!!
Usual time 7-9 and we look forward to seeing everyone on Friday!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders
Please NOTE - there is an attachment on the email for Heath Card information.  If you are coming to Freshwind we MUST have one of these forms completed to ensure all appropriate information is on file before we go away!!

This Friday at Youth!!

Good afternoon everyone!!

Just wanted to let you know know that we are tentatively set to go bowling this Friday night!!  We will meet at the church and travel together to the bowling ally... You should come with $10.00 - $12.00 each as that will cover your lane and shoes but if you want to get yourself a snack or drink while we are there it might take a little more!!  Regular time 7-9.
On another note, we ABSOLUTELY NEED to know who is coming to Freshwind today!!  Sarah is hoping to complete registration (which is covered by the way with the money we raised at the Survivor night) tomorrow evening...  So please reply to this email as soon as you can so we can make sure all YOUTH are registered that want to attend...

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Survivor Night & Freshwind Update

Hey everyone!!

Two things we wanted to throw out there to everyone and do actually require an update / response of some sort...  You all should be aware that this Friday is our annual Survivor Night and we will need as many hands there as possible, not only to serve and potentially play, but also to ensure the church sees you as it's always better when they know who their money is going to impact!!
1. We need to know if you are planning to attend on Friday so we know how many we have and whose doing what.
2. We need to know (like ASAP) who is planning to come to Freshwind this year.  The costs have been discussed in the past (approximately $50 registration, $50 for hotel and $50 for food) and the event runs Easter weekend (Thursday - Saturday) just as a reminder.  Registration will have to happen in the next week or so which is why we need to know who is planning to attend soon.
Friday is going to be a great night and Jared is continuing to tell everyone he's a lock for RETURN…

Youth on March 3rd...

Hey all you crazy youthites (yes I can make up my own words from time to time)....
This week we will be hanging out at the church playing some games and doing our thing... Jake will be sharing what God has put on his heart specifically tying into the Freshwind conference theme of Courage!!
It will be a great night and the first step towards our upcoming Freshwind weekend.
Can't wait to see you all there!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Chicopee Tubing

Hey all you wonderful humans...

As discussed last week at youth (and the week before) we will be heading to Chicopee for a few hours of tubing on Friday night.  Please see the details below so you don't miss out or come unprepared!!!
COST - $21.00 + HST for 2 hours of tubing (we will be stopping for a snack on the way home so we recommend sending your child with $30.00)
TIME - We will be meeting at the church for 6:20 or so as we need to be on the road by 6:30.  We will be returning between 10:30 and 11:00 (youth will text as we travel) and pick up will be at the church as well.
We NEED to know who is planning to come and if you are bringing friends to ensure we have appropriate drivers and cars so PLEASE get back to us either via email, text or Facebook no later than Thursday night.
If you have any questions please let us know, otherwise we will see you all on Friday night!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth for Friday Night...

Hello all you wonderful people!!

This week for youth we will be meeting at the Nelson's new house - 8 Brier Cres, Brantford to play some new games on Jackbox TV... What is Jackbox TV you may ask...??  Well you'll just have to show up and see :)
The night will run at normal times (7-9) and you will need to get your own rides to and from.  Please bring a snack of some sort to share with the group (we will provide drinks for everyone) and if you have a smart device (smart phone, ipad, ipod etc...) bring that too (we have extras at the house so don't worry too much...
Looking forward to a great night together!!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth Toboganning

Hey Hey Hey....!!  We think we have enough snow so this week we will be TOBOGGANING for the evening... We will be meeting at the church for 7:00 and leaving shortly after to head for the hills - pick up will still be at 9:00 back at the church :)  
Please be sure you dress appropriately and bring anything you have that will help you go down the hill quickly!!
Can't wait to see you all there on Friday night!!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth - Friday January 20th...

Hey all you crazy youthers...

This week we will be hanging out together at the church from 7-9 as per usual...  Our leaders have pulled together a bunch of great games for the night so we all should have a blast!!  Trevor will taking some time to chat a little as we start the new year off with some teaching on 2 Corinthians 1:20...  
It's going to be a great night and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there!! 

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth for Friday...

Hey Everyone, we hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's!!  
We are excited to invite you all back to Youth this week!!  We will be meeting at the church for 7:00 and will be hitting up the skating rink at Harmony Square for a bit, before heading to Tim Horton's for a HOT drink to warm up :) - this means you all need to come with some money for Tim's....

So get out and sharpen those skates cause it going to be a great night together to kick of 2017!!
Looking forward to seeing you all Friday night. ~ Distinct Youth Leaders
If the weather isn't cooperating (to warm or the ice isn't able to be used) we will change course but please still come prepared to be outside as we will likely still go for Tim Horton's