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February 25th

This Friday is a wireless rally at Yes Church! It goes from 7pm-930pm, please be dropped off and picked up at Yes Church.
We are doing a bring your own desserts at this rally, so if you would like to partake in eating desserts, you need to bring a dessert to share!
Hope to see you there!

February 18th

This week the guys and gals will be splitting up.
The ladies will be going to Jenean and Jim's house at 203 North Park St. We will be having a spa night! Please bring nail polish, makeup, hair stuff, and snacks and a drink to share with everyone!

Guys will be going to Sarah and Trevor's house at 4 Tanglewood Terrace. They will be having a fun filled video gaming night. Please bring video games (with your name on them) and a few extra Xbox controllers would be excellent! Remember to bring snacks and a drink to share.

See ya Friday!

February 11th

Hey everyone! This Friday we will be having a youth band practice at 530pm. From 7-10pm we will be having a game night at the church.

Tuck shop will be open this week!

February 4th

Reminder: There is no youth tonight! Sam and Rhonda are getting married!!!See you next week!