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Great Bonfire! Worship Night is next!

The bonfire was a great night... but this week is the FIRST EVER FREEDOM HOUSE YOUTH SERVICE!
Be the at the church for 7pm sharp this Wednesday night!

You won't want to miss it!

Youth Bonfire Night!

This should be awesome! OK because you guys were ridiculously awesome at cleaning and serving the grocery store last week... this week... we're scrubbing toilets!!!

OK no we're not doing that.
We're having a BONFIRE!!!

We'll be meeting at Anne Marie's House 218 Brant School Road (which is a little bit out of town so that we can have a great big fire!) There's a map below if you need it. Be there at 7pm sharp and arrange for your ride to pick you up at 8:30ish! We'll be eating smores and hot dogs and playing some outdoor games so make sure you wear warm clothes (as it's fall eh) and even something that you don't mind getting dirty (just in case).

We'll bring the food if you'll bring your own drinks and lawn chair if you have one. Deal? You should bring a friend too as it's gonna be a party.

By the way... I should tell you how proud I was of ALL OF YOU for how amazing you showed God's love in practical way last week at Price Chopper…

It's RAK Night @ Youth

Here's the deal. Last week we all gave our ideas about our very first Freedom House Youth RAK Night. And while the suggestion of "walking around in speedos giving away Rubber Duckies" WAS an awesome idea (cough cough) here's where we're RAK attacking tonight.

Please be at the Price Chopper (50 Market Street South right across from the Casino) at 7pm sharp (even earlier if possible)

One team will be bagging groceries
One team will be doing carryouts to cars
One team will be handing out quarters for carts
(and if it rains) One team will be holding umbrellas so people don't get wet as they are headed to their cars!

And EVERYONE will get a "You've been RAK attacked card"

We'll be done at 8pm and then will walk over to the Wendy's in the same plaza. You can have your parents pick you up at Wendy's at 8:30! Should be a GREAT night!

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This week at youth... it's RAK Chat!

A number of you guys were at the 1st Freedom House RAK Day on Saturday where we gave away pop, cookies, car washes and cards that looked kinda like this...

So why did we do that? Any ideas? You should leave a comment or answer the poll on the right hand side of the blog.

Also this week, we're meeting at my house 7:00- 8:15 to chat more about it. I teach a bit about Random Acts of Kindness, then we're gonna chat... brainstorm and come up with what WE want to do to RAK Attack Brantford!

71 Strathcona Ave... here's map

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See ya at 7!