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December 2nd

This Friday we are going to be having a game night at Freedom House from 7-10pm! Hope you can come, and remember to start looking for your cheesy Christmas sweater for the Christmas party!! Here's a memory verse, the first THREE people to come up to the leader at tuck at or after 7pm will get a free tuck buck if they know the verse! The Lord is my strength and my shield psalm 28:7

November 25th

Hey everyone!! This week we are having a service at freedom house from 7-10pm. Youth band will be practicing from 6-645pm.

See ya there!!

Friday 18th

This Friday we are RAK-ing the parents of Freedom House!! Parents, drop off your kids to be babysat for FREE at Freesom House any time after 645pm and pick them up before 10pm. It will be an awesome night of fun!

Youth, please be at the church at 645pm and be picked up at 10pm.

November 11th


Hey! This week we are going to have a game night and a sundae party!

Be at the church from 7-10pm.

See you all there!!

November 4th

Hey everyone! We're having a service this Friday 7-10pm. Youth band practice before hand from 6-645pm.

As we continue to encourage you to read the blog, if you are one of the first three youth at or after 7 to come in and tell the youth leader AT THE TUCK COUNTER the bible verse below you will get a free tuck buck!!!

Love your neighbour as yourself - Matthew 22:39