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February 28th

Hey everyone!! This Friday we are going to watch the next episode of the bible and have a chat about the upcoming fundraiser. Be at freedom house 7-9 :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 21st

Hey everyone!  This week we are going to wireless and our very own, super awesomely fantastic BRADY is going to be speaking!!!!!!! So you all better be there to support him! :) It's at the church of Nazarene (347 Fairview Dr) from 7-930pm. Also we need to know 100% for suresies who is coming to Freshwind by this Friday. So make sure you talk to your parents about it! The game show night is coming up on March 7th. We will have tickets at church on Sunday so tell your family about it and they can get their tickets Sunday!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 14th

Hey everyone! We are going to have a movie evening at the Nelsons house from 7-930pm! Please bring a baked good to share with everyone :)
See you there!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

February 7th

Hey everyone!  We're having a service this week at Freedom House from 7-9pm.  Just a reminder that Freshwind is coming up in April and we need to know who is coming ASAP! Also a reminder that the fundraiser game show/taco dinner is on March 7th and tickets will be available soon for $10 an adult.
See everyone Friday!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders