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FRESHWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Woohoo!!!! It's almost Freshwind!!!!!
Meet at the Nelson's at 330pm on Thursday, we will be leaving by 4 at the latest, with or without you! We will NOT be stopping anywhere on the way. Make sure you have food money, and a smile on your face.  Positive attitudes all weekend and remember to bring your listening ears!  Can't wait to spend the weekend with all you wonderful youths :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 22nd

Hey every one!  Friday we will be doing a shift in the prayer room from 7-9pm!! :) If you are still owing hotel money for Freshwind, it's due on Friday.

See everyone there!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 15th

Hey!! Movie night this Friday at the Nelsons! 7-10pm, bring snacks to share :)

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

March 8th

Hey guys!! 

This week for youth we have Jeff Steane coming to share his testimony, this is an amazing testimony and you do NOT want to miss it!!! Please arrive as close to 7 as possible as we have 2-3 other groups joining us and we need to get started by 7:15. We encourage you all to invite friends and be prepared to have fun and meet some new people. We should be done around 9 pm.

If you have not handed in your $40 for Freshwind registration this weekend is the last weekend to get it handed in :) For the 8 youth that did an amazing job at the dinner fundraiser, we are excited to tell yout hat we raised enough money to have your hotel covered!!! You guys ROCK!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders