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November 29th

Hey Everyone!  This Friday we are RAK-ing the parents of Freedom House! We will be providing free babysitting to allow parents to have a free night out!  It should be a super fun night both for us and the kids as we have some great games planned and awesome crafts for everyone! We will be starting early this week to set up for the babysitting so please arrive at 6pm.  We will be providing babysitting from 6:30-9:00pm.  If you arrive at 6pm then there will be pizza for all the YOUTH VOLUNTEERS to eat before the kids arrive - the kids will be arriving having already eaten dinner so the pizza is only for the youth volunteers. Hope to see you all there,
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 22nd

Hey everyone!  we are having a Wireless Service at FREEDOM HOUSE!!  It will be from 630pm-9pm. It's going to be an awesome night and we want to see all of you out to support our first EVER city wide hosted event! :)
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 12th

Hey Everyone!  Youth is going to be at Freedom House this week from 7pm-9pm. We are going to be having a games night!  Please bring a serving of your favourite food, snack or drink for an activity we are doing.
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

November 8th

Hey everyone!  We are having a movie night at the Nelson's this Friday from 7-10. Drink's will be provided but bring a snack to share!
See you Friday!

~ Distinct Youth Leaders