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Youth Service with Krissy this week!

My lovely, wise, insightful, powerhouse, funny, and pretty wife Krissy Carrol is going to be preaching this week at Distinct. It's going to be a great night so make sure you're at Freedom House 7pm Sharp!!

Also a reminder and small change regarding Wonder Jam on July 3rd. You need to have your money to Sarah by this Wednesday. And the cost is 45$ ... not 40$.

It's gonna be a fun summer!!!

Manafest Concert

This Friday it's the Manafest Concert Outreach. Check him out...

Meet with our group in Harmony Square at 7pm. Bring friends as it's going to be awesome AND FREE!

Kids Kids Kids Kids Kids Kids

Throughout the summer and into the fall... Freedom House on the whole is going to be learning about how to use kindness/service for 2 purposes.

Inside the churchOutside the church
We've used our RAK nights for primarily OUTSIDE reasons up to this point. But this Friday, our RAK Night is designed to care about people INSIDE the church.

This is the Freedom Encounter Weekend for many in the church including some of your parents and others with kids. So please be at the church by 6:45 and you guys are going to be watching the Freedom House kids from 7-10pm Friday Night in the LAFF Academy room.

Why? Really?
Yup... because it's kind. It's the right thing to do for people who have invested into you :)

So come with ideas about what to do... things to teach... games to play... videos to watch... or dream something new up!

See you Friday!

Youth Service this week

This Friday... Matt Haley is going to be speaking about what's on his heart. Make sure you're there by 7.

Next week... we'll be joining up with the other youth groups in the city over in Harmony Square for a "Manafest" Concert.

It's gonna be great!