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Wow, I am blogging! It's my first time so take it easy on me!
I just wanted to let all the SMT Memebers know that Canada Day is going to be awesome and we need all hands on deck. Come out this Sunday for the dress rehearsal and to find out what area you are going to be apart of.
OH AND BIG NEWS!!!!... July 7 the team from Toronto is coming to do their drama workshop with us! It is going to be alot of fun and you will come away from this day having learned alot!

A calender is soon to come!

Looking forward to meeting with you guys!
I think this is all I am going to write :P



Wow... so... what a week this has been!

We had a youth retreat... then the Kingdom Come Conference! I was at home last night watching the service online and I saw and heard some of you guys GOIN FOR IT in worship and in prayer!

Totally wild stuff. So here's the plan for tonight. Let's meet in the Lounge and we'll chat about some of what God's done in our lives over the last week and even some more about the idea of the youth running a service this summer. You guys rock by the way. You've IMPRESSED me and made me quite proud of how you've put what we've learned into action!

So bring a Tim Horton's... even bring a snack if you want. I'll meet you in the lounge at 7pm and we'll just chat about "The Kingdom of God" like we've been learning about for the last week!

More retreat details

Well tomorrow's the day! Hope you're ready for "To Infinity and beyond... a look into how far God wants you to go!"

It's gonna be great. Few details.

Don't forget to bring your 25$ for the weekendParents... you can pick your kids up at the Galaxy Cinemas at the Brantford Mall at 4:30.The movie ticket, breakfast and lunch is included in your retreat money but bring your own snacks or money for popcorn at the theater if you'd like itBring your sleeping bag... and...
PillowAir Mattress if you want oneToothbrushBoard Games you might like to playBible, pad of paper, pen
Things that will help you smell clean in the morningBe at the Freedom House City Center at 7pm tomorrow evening. If there is ever a situation where the outside doors happen to be locked (as the summer hours can be a bit weird) ... you can call Sarah (519 209-2537) or Trevor Nelson's (519 209-2536) cell phone and we'll pop right up to open the doors.

Should be a great weekend guys and g…

To Infinity and BEYOND Youth Retreat

It's THIS weekend! First things first. Don't forget that that tomorrow night at youth, my sister Jen is coming to set up our weekend by talking about her recent time in Africa. She'll have pictures and stories about how God takes you from ONE places and can drop you in ANOTHER!

The theme of the weekend is, "To Infinity and Beyond... how far does God want you to go??"

For Friday, here are details (that could change at anytime so stay tuned :)

7pm: Arrive at Freedom House City Center with:
Sleeping BagPillowAir Mattress if you want oneToothbrushBoard Games you might like to playYour own snacks and drinks25$
Bible, pad of paper, pen
Things that will help you smell clean in the morning
An expectation of great things and a good attitude!
8pm: Worship and Session#1 called "And now it's time for cooking with poo with Ezekiel" Nice eh? I'll be teaching maybe my favorite story in Bible about how to be an "Incredibly cool weirdo"
10pm: Board games, …


Hi Guys… Remember that tonight is RAK Night at Youth. We’re going to be doing a couple of things.1st… We’re going to Tim Hortons!I’ll explain later but please bring a 5-dollar bill with you.OK?2nd … We’re going to be taking a little tour of the city and thanking some of the people “in our neighborhood”.3rd … I’ve got a couple of announcement about what’s going on with youth this summer!Don’t forget that next weekend (June 12th overnight until June 13th in the afternoon) will be our Youth Retreat / Mall Sleepover!The cost will be 20 dollars like before to help cover some of the costs and help raise money for more RAK stuff to come!Cya tonight at 7pm SHARP in the lounge.