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Youth this week... and what's COMING SOON!

Hi guys... coming up this week @ Youth, we're having our worship night and Matt Haley is speaking for the first time at youth! So that will be very cool. 7pm at the Freedom House City Center (bring money for tuck shop!)

You'll also notice that on the blog (Linked here if you're getting this in an email) that there is now an on-going youth calender that will be constantly updated about what's coming up in FH Youth world. Here are some highlights from now until Christmas!

Friday, October 30 7:00pmWorship and Matt speaking Friday, November 6 7:00pmPrayer & Pictionary (as a part of the 24/7 Prayer week)
Friday, November 13 7:00pmYouth Worship Service (Dave Speaking) We're also inviting another youth group from "The Dwelling Place" Church to be a part of the next two weeks. Sunday, November 15 1:30pmYouth Band practice (If you want to be a part of this... please talk to Matt Haley ASAP)
Friday, November 20 7:00pmRAK Night with The Dwelling Place Youth Group…

Bowling Gameplan

We've got the Bowling gameplan!

We'll meet at Star Lanes (map linked here) at 8pm... we'll bowl untill 9. Then we'll head over to Wendy's on Colborne Street across from PJ (linked here). Parents... you can pick the youth up at 10pm. The cost is $7 per youth.

See you tomorrow night!


This should be a GREAT week... OF BOWLING!

Hurray!!! We're going bowling Friday (somewhere) and meeting there at 8pm (NOT 7) because some of us are involved in the show at Harmony Square (from 5-7pm Friday Night... you're welcome to come too!)

But we need to know HOW MANY WANT TO BOWL. Please email or call Sarah ASAP and let her know if you're planning on coming so we can book lanes

Email: sarahmarienelson@gmail.comCall: 519 209-2537

Cost still to be determined but likely in the 10 dollar range... don't hold me to that number :)

Faith and... Pop Culture?

Hi guys... OK... I want you to remember one thing tomorrow night. Wait... 2 things.

2) Remember to think about MOVIES!!!!

Can you do those two things? I knew you could!

Tomorrow night we're gonna start chatting about our faith... and the Pop Culture that inundates us everyday. So we're gonna hang by the fire in the lounge and talk about Movies... get some snacks at the tuck shop... chat more about the name of the youth group... and then watch a movie too!

See you all Friday Night at 7pm!

"Oh No... I forgot the CRANBERRIES" RAK Night

Have you ever been at Aunt Beatrice's house for Thanksgiving and you're just about to sit down at the table for the feast when someone shouts out in horror...

"Oh NO... I forgot the CRANBERRIES!!"

This Friday Night at Youth... we make sure that this will not happen to homes in Brantford.

How? It's RAK Night!

We'll be meeting at the Freedom House City Center at 7pm and heading out into town to do Random Acts of Kindness by giving away Cranberries and through it, reminding people that God LOVES them. After... we'll be headed back to the church for some fun and snacks (so bring money for tuck shop!). Make sure your ride picks you up before the mall doors get locked at 10pm!

See ya then!