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February Youth Calender

Here's what's coming up this February at Youth!

And stay tuned... because last night we (the leaders) came up with some great stuff to look forward to this spring... here's a teaser!

Using your Eyes, Ears, Nose... maybe Mouth too?

Youth begins again this Wednesday at our brand new City Center! So... here's the plan. Meet me right here...

... at 7pm sharp. Sam will be lunging appropriately!

We're going to start talking about what the deal is with "The City Center" thing... and how it will impact US. I'm gonna chat for a bit... then we're going outside for a little bit. So please bring warm things to wear, as we're going to begin to learn to use our

Spiritual Eyes...
Spiritual Ears...
Spiritual Noses...

And maybe even spiritual mouths??? Just don't eat the yellow snow. There is nothing spiritual about that. I made THAT mistake once. ONCE!

When we're done... we'll be back by the roaring fire!
Ready to roll?

One more week of no youth

Well... it turns out I was wrong. We don't have youth (for one more week). We're working almost around the clock to get the new church ready for the Grand Opening this weekend. So we'll start youth up again next Wednesday.

By the way, did you know that we're calling our new building the, "The Freedom House City Center"? Why? Because we're about to start to (even more than before) find new awesome ways to change our city... and the youth are going to be a big part of it! Very exciting!

Make sure you come down to the City Center on Saturday afternoon for the Grand Opening!

No Youth this week

Hey everyone... just wanted to confirm that we DO NOT have youth tomorrow night. BUT we will have our first youth night of 2009 on the 21st. I'll let you know where we'll be when I know! This has been a very busy bunch of weeks as we get our new home all together so everything is pretty hectic right now, but it's going to be awesome when we have a great place to meet together each week!

Go youth go!