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April 29th

This Friday we will be having a service, from 7-10pm. The youth band will be practicing from 530-7pm.
The lovely Sarah Nelson out of the goodness of her heart has made all of you CD's of some of the music we enjoyed at Freshwind!

April 21st - FRESHWIND!

Guess what?!? It's almost Freshwind time!! :)

So just a few reminders, you MUST be at the Nelsons house at 415pm on Thursday, and you MUST have eaten when you get there!
Don't forget to bring money for your food for the weekend!
The emergency contact number for the weekend is Sarah's cell # 519-209-2537 - please make sure your parents have it before you leave.
See you all there!

PS - if you are not attending Freshwind, there is NO youth group on Friday as all the leaders are at Freshwind.

April 15th

This Friday we will be having a service, and the one and only, Dave Carrol will be speaking! The youth band will be playing, so we will have a practice from 530pm-7pm.

There will also be more detailed information about Freshwind!

April 8th

This Friday we are going to have a game night at the church from 7-10pm. We will be having a youth band practice at 530pm. If you have not paid for the hotel portion of the Freshwind conference your money is due THIS Friday!! Make sure you have paid $35 total!