Last Week of Youth before Summer...

Well, the time has not come... We are heading into the last week of youth before we take a small break for the summer holidays!!  This week will be a great night as we will be meeting out at the Reimer's home (see address below) for a campfire hang out night!!

You can feel free to bring your bathing suits as there is a pool there to swim in.  But we will also be playing some great outdoor games, hanging out around the fire and chatting about the exciting NEW Youth Programs we will be running come September...  The night is going to be a great night for all so please make it a point to be there!!
Please bring drinks for yourself as the leaders will be bringing everything food wise you need for a great night around the campfire :)
We will be running from 7-10 this week just so everyone is aware and we will have anyone that will be going into Grade 6, 7 or 8 next year with us as well!!  
See you all on Friday night....

~ Distinct Youth Leaders
517 Mount Pleasant Rd. Brantford, On 

Youth This Week...

Hey all you wonderful humans... Summer is getting closer and closer so I hope you are all getting ready for some great summer fun!!

This week we are planning a full on water balloon fight..!!  We will be meeting at the church and then heading out to an open space outside to have some fun!!  We will be planning some games for everyone to play so please be sure you bring some spare cloths as we all know how crappy it can be sitting around afterwards soaked...
We will be running regular time so 7-9 and both pick up and drop off will happen at the church.
Looking forward to a great night together :)
See you all at 7:00

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth - June 9, 2017


This week we will be heading to hang out a Jake and Kiersten's house for a night of games, snacks and laughs!!  The night will run at regular time (7-9) and their address is listed below...  As we did a few weeks ago, please bring a snack to share if you can so that we can all have a bit of everything!!
If you have a favorite board game feel free to bring it with you as we are always looking for great group games to play when we are all together...
Jake and Kiersten's House 20 McConkey Crescent, Unit 100

Can't wait to see you all on Friday night!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

This week at youth...

hey hey hey everyone...!!
For this week we will be hanging out as a group at J-Rock's house!!  71 Strathcona in Brantford - regular time 7-9.  
Bring snacks to share with the group!!
Should be a great night :)
See you all there....
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Late is better than never right??? Youth update...

Good evening all you wonderful and lovely humans...
Sorry for the delay on the communication but alas here it is... We will be meeting at the church for 7:00 as a group and will be hanging out, playing games and hearing some of what God has put on Jacob's heart!!
We will have a few new games for the night so come ready to participate and have a blast!!  
We will be looking to do "Bigger and Better" next week (as we missed it a few weeks back do to a lack of people being available...
Can't wait to see you all out on Friday night!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Youth Update - May 19th

Good morning all...

This week we have decided to bring back a CLASSIC.... This Friday will be a battle to see who will come out on top after a fun filled night of "Bigger and Better"...!!  That's right, we will all start with a small, useless item and will try to turn it into the BIGGEST and BEST item by a simple trading process...
We will be giving you approximately 90 minutes to get out and make any and all trades to see who can WIN!!
Looking forward to a great night of fun and excitement!!
See you all at 7:00 as the church...

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Sky Zone

Good evening all...

Friday night, as discussed last week is Sky Zone in Cambridge!!  You will need to bring $30.00 or so (depends on your appetite) as jumping will cost everyone $25.00 (if you still have your socks you can save a few dollars) we will be stopping somewhere for snacks afterwards...!!
We need to know (sorry for the late notice) by the end of the day tomorrow so we can ensure we have appropriate drivers and vehicles at the church.  So please reply to this email so we are aware and prepared :)
These nights are always a blast and great for you to bring a friend as the night is very laid back and full of FUN!!
We can't wait to see everyone on Friday.

~ Distinct Youth Leaders