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This week, we're going to a place called Airborne Trampoline in Mississauga. Meet at Matt and Nicki Haley's House at 7pm.


- 10$
- Gym type stuff (as we'll be jumping)
- We'll be stopping at Wendys (or something like that) so any money you might want for that

If you're quite opposed to jumping, there is a place to just watch... but come, play and participate. It will be fun. There is actually going to be a pro-coach there too so we should be able to do some cool stuff.

We'll be there from 9-10 and we'll return to the Haley's House at 11pm so parents can pick your kids at 11pm there. Should be a fun night!

Youth Service

This week at youth Rev Trev will be preaching and we'll be digging in to worship at our service! Come ready to worship and hear what God wants to speak to us this week!

We've got a cool idea for next week's fun week... and we'll chat about it at 7pm. Cya Friday Night at 7pm.

RAK Night

It's time for another RAK Attack Night! We're going to be meeting at the church at 7pm and hitting the streets to do a number of outdoor Random Acts of Kindness... so come prepared to go outside.

Also... bring 2$ with you to give to Sarah or Trevor because we're also going to be RAK'ing Freedom Housers Marty and Sara Chiarot. They are moving to Brantford tomorrow so we're going to be helping them move in and also going to get them a gift to say welcome to town! What a cool thing to do! Very Kind indeed.

Cya Friday Night at 7pm!

1 week after Freshwind

Well... it's almost been a week since we were at Freshwind. It's time to get together and talk about it all. What happened? Where do we go from here? Hey... maybe we'll even do a little in home fire tunnel action.

So Friday Night... we're meeting at Dave's house (71 Strathcona Ave) 7-10pm. We'll bring some games... video and otherwise and pop. You bring:

1 bag of chips or a snacks
Your Bible

Should be a fun night (and God night) as we process QUITE an amazing week in the life of our youth group!