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This Friday at Youth!!

Good afternoon everyone!!

Just wanted to let you know know that we are tentatively set to go bowling this Friday night!!  We will meet at the church and travel together to the bowling ally... You should come with $10.00 - $12.00 each as that will cover your lane and shoes but if you want to get yourself a snack or drink while we are there it might take a little more!!  Regular time 7-9.
On another note, we ABSOLUTELY NEED to know who is coming to Freshwind today!!  Sarah is hoping to complete registration (which is covered by the way with the money we raised at the Survivor night) tomorrow evening...  So please reply to this email as soon as you can so we can make sure all YOUTH are registered that want to attend...

~ Distinct Youth Leaders

Survivor Night & Freshwind Update

Hey everyone!!

Two things we wanted to throw out there to everyone and do actually require an update / response of some sort...  You all should be aware that this Friday is our annual Survivor Night and we will need as many hands there as possible, not only to serve and potentially play, but also to ensure the church sees you as it's always better when they know who their money is going to impact!!
1. We need to know if you are planning to attend on Friday so we know how many we have and whose doing what.
2. We need to know (like ASAP) who is planning to come to Freshwind this year.  The costs have been discussed in the past (approximately $50 registration, $50 for hotel and $50 for food) and the event runs Easter weekend (Thursday - Saturday) just as a reminder.  Registration will have to happen in the next week or so which is why we need to know who is planning to attend soon.
Friday is going to be a great night and Jared is continuing to tell everyone he's a lock for RETURN…

Youth on March 3rd...

Hey all you crazy youthites (yes I can make up my own words from time to time)....
This week we will be hanging out at the church playing some games and doing our thing... Jake will be sharing what God has put on his heart specifically tying into the Freshwind conference theme of Courage!!
It will be a great night and the first step towards our upcoming Freshwind weekend.
Can't wait to see you all there!!
~ Distinct Youth Leaders