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CHANGE!! September 16th

Welcome back!! Hope you all had a great summer. We are going to start off this year of fantastically fun youth with amazing race! We have changed the amazing race to September 16th due to too many conflicts, this will be our first youth night.

Meet at the church at 630 so we can be starting the race by 7, and pick up will be at 10 back at the church.

We are planning to go to a Starfield concert on the 30th of September, it is going to cost $15, please have your money to Sarah by the 16th of September! You can always give it to her before that at church too ;)

Also, we are going to be doing a RAK for the University Students in our area in a few weeks, and we need non-perishable food items (such as Kraft Dinner, Zoodles, Soup, etc). If you can start bringing some in ASAP that'd be great!! Ask everyone you know if they can spare a few cans :)