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Youth Service Friday Night

It's here! The first youth service of the year, is this Friday Night right down in the Freedom House City Center. We'll be starting at 7pm and make sure your parents have picked you up by 10pm (because the outside doors in the Mall get locked at 10).

I'm (Dave) going to be speaking... SO BRING YOUR BIBLES! I've got a trivia question for you to think about between now and then.

Question: Why were Christians originally called Christians?

Post your answers here on the blog or on facebook. Why do you think Christians called themselves that? Hmmmm...

The Tuck Shop will also be open Friday Night so bring money for the candy and snacks that you requested... as they are going to be on sale.

The most important thing to bring Friday Night... is your WHOLE self. We're gonna have fun, there's gonna be food, but we're coming to worship and encounter God. So come ready to worship!

Freedom House TV

FreedomhouseTV promo from Freeom House on Vimeo.

It's coming... pass it on!

This Friday... Cambridge, Everything, Late Night Youth!

This Friday Night is going to be an awesome night! Here's how it's gonna go down. We're going to be meeting at the Nelson's House (4 Tanglewood... map linked) at 6pm. We'll be driving in a convoy of vans driven by the youth leaders leaving at 6:15 sharp (so if you're not there by then... we're not waiting!)

We'll be going to Calvary Church in Cambridge (127 Hespelar Rd ... map linked) and we'll be taking part in a GIANT youth party, complete with worship, bands, prizes, games and... YOU.

The Freedom House Youth group will be doing the "Everything" drama that the SMT learned and performed at the church and in Harmony Square this summer. Remember?

There is no cost... but I'll bet there will be snacks for sale (so it's not a bad idea to have some cash with you). The night will go from 7pm until 11pm... so we won't be getting back into Brantford until around Midnight. The leaders will drive each of the youth home when we get b…

Youth is back!

Well welcome guys it's time for youth to begin again! Here's a quick look at what's coming up in September for the next couple of weeks.

So that means that this Friday we'll be at the Nelson's (4 Tanglewood Terrace) and the Haley's from 7-10pm. In fact that's what time youth is going to be going from this year. 7 until 10pm on Friday Night's. The next week, we'll be joining up with Calvary Church in Cambridge for their GIGANTIC youth kick-off complete with bands, giveaways and amazing fun. Check out the Facebook event here. Ride details to follow next week.

The first week of October, we're going to be doing our 1st Freedom House youth service of the year... where I'm gonna start talking with you guys about "Who YOU are" and "who WE are".

Part of that process is going to be deciding what to name of the all-new Freedom House Youth Group. On our Facebook group, I've asked the question... "What should our new na…