This Friday... Cambridge, Everything, Late Night Youth!

This Friday Night is going to be an awesome night! Here's how it's gonna go down. We're going to be meeting at the Nelson's House (4 Tanglewood... map linked) at 6pm. We'll be driving in a convoy of vans driven by the youth leaders leaving at 6:15 sharp (so if you're not there by then... we're not waiting!)

We'll be going to Calvary Church in Cambridge (127 Hespelar Rd ... map linked) and we'll be taking part in a GIANT youth party, complete with worship, bands, prizes, games and... YOU.

The Freedom House Youth group will be doing the "Everything" drama that the SMT learned and performed at the church and in Harmony Square this summer. Remember?

There is no cost... but I'll bet there will be snacks for sale (so it's not a bad idea to have some cash with you). The night will go from 7pm until 11pm... so we won't be getting back into Brantford until around Midnight. The leaders will drive each of the youth home when we get back into town so parents do not need to worry about pickup THIS WEEK (that will be next week ;)

Give the Nelson's a shout if you have any questions (519) 759-8880 or I'm (Dave) at 519 720-0645. Should be an AMAZING Friday Night!


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