Small Groups and "The Big Dig" Youth Retreat

It's a big week at youth this week! First thing's first. On Wednesday, we're splitting up the boys and the girls into small groups. Girls... you'll be meeting at our house (The Carrol's 71 Strathcona Ave) and the boys will be in the lounge at the church. For the girls... for convenience, you can get dropped off anytime after 6:30 and get picked up after.

Now... Here's the program for the weekend which is going to be called...

"The Big Dig"

First off, the weekend will only cost 20 dollars to help cover costs and the meals will be provided. Please be at the Freedom House City Center at 7pm Friday Night.

Session #1: "Why do we dig ?" Exploring why we should even bother spending our days shouting at the sky?

Sleepover: We'll be locking the mall doors and sleeping over! There will be games of all kinds (from many eras)... light, dark, video, board... it will be a blast

Session #2 (The Pajama Session): "How do we dig?" Digging into knowing about a God seems like a big task. We'll explore how we can actually find some really answers. Bring your Bibles!

Afternoon Fun: First, we'll be headed to a few homes (boys to one and girls to another) to hit the showers after lunch. Then the boys will be going swimming at the Gretzky Center (3$) and the girls will be deciding what the girls want to do on Wednesday!

Session #3: "Where do we dig?" God says that we're to taste and see that the Lord is good. So let's do a little taste-test shall we?

Please plan to be picked up at the City Center at 9pm on Saturday March 7th. Here's what you need to plan on bringing to the retreat...

  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Your own snacks
  • Shower stuff
  • Towel
  • PJ's!
  • Bibles!!!
  • 25-30$ (20 for registration and a little bit extra for Saturday afternoon fun)
  • Swim trunks if you're a boy
If you need to get a hold of someone during the weekend... you can call either Trevor or Sarah Nelson's cell phone.

Trevor: 519-209-2536
519 209-2537

If you haven't' done so yet... please email me ( or call me/Krissy at 519-720-0645 to confirm your (or your son/daughter's) attendance at the retreat so we can make the final food preparation numbers! Also the retreat is only open for those in the age group (Grade 7,8 and high school) as there have been a couple of inquiries if those in LAFF Academy can attend.

If you can only come for part of the youth retreat... PLEASE STILL COME. We'll be at the church almost the whole time and if we're out on Saturday afternoon... please call a cell phone and find out where to meet up with us!

This is going to be an AWESOME weekend... we're really looking forward to seeing what God wants to do in our lives!



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