It's time to RAK Attack again

Little switch 'em up for March Break. We're going to move our next Youth Service until next week (the 25th) and because it's supposed to be so warm... we're going to do a RAK Attack (Random Acts of Kindness) this week.

Since part of what youth is about is learning to lead and influence, we're going to be going with, and helping the LAFF Academy with this week's Servant Evangelism. We've done a number of these so we'll be able to help some of the younger kids so they can get in on the fun too!

We have some preparation work for this one... so anyone who can... we'll be meeting at the church at 6pm to help put "Captain Kindness" labels on bottles of water. Remember? Like a drinkable version of Krissy!

So please come at 6pm if you can and 7pm we'll get movin!
Cya Wednesday!


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