Singin' and Skatin'

Friday Night will is gonna be a very very wintry youth night! We're gonna be singin' and skatin! Please arrive at the stage area of Harmony Square at 6:45 sharp and as Freedom House... we're going to be serving the city by singing Christmas Carols for the skaters from 7 until 8pm. Then from 8-9 we'll lace up our own skates and hit the amazing outdoor rink beside the beautiful new Harmony Square Christmas tree!

We'll wrap youth up a 9 this week so be sure to bring a friend! All ages are welcome at tomorrow night's event by the way... not JUST the youth.

Don't forget that next week is our 2nd annual cheesy Christmas sweater Christmas party and gift exchange. You need to be thinking about 2 things

1. Finding the corniest, funniest, cheesiest, goofiest Christmas sweater you can
2. Finding a funny, nice, crazy, lovely, wacky, unusual gift (a cheap) to wrap up and bring for the great gift exchange game!

It's all gonna be a TON of fun!
See ya tommorow.


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