Christmas Parties and Good O' Meters

Guys! Great night last night. And today... my face is as smooth as a baby's butt. Actually it's got a bit of stubble already... but that's faces for ya. Hey, here's the "Good O' Meter" video from last night.

Remember that next Wednesday is our Youth Christmas party at Sarah and Trevor's house.
Here are the things that you need to bring

1) Wear a cheesy Christmas sweater (on it doesn't HAVE to be Christmas... just cheesy) like my friends here...

Pretty awesome stuff! The cheesiest sweater gets to go LAST (which is good) in our gag gift exchange. Which brings me to #2

2) Bring 2 wrapped gag gifts. Can be ANYTHING no matter how big or small. They just have to be wrapped. Something from around the house. Something from a dollar store. Just 2 interesting Christmas gifts. We'll be playing the "STEAL A GIFT" game! It's awesome. You'll love it

3) Snacks. Everyone brings a snack and we'll have LOTS to go around!

Cya then!


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